Ekso Bionics(TM) to Launch Clinical Science Organization; Previews Early Findings at Rehab Week 2015 in Spain

RICHMOND, Calif., June 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:EKSO), a robotic exoskeleton company, announced today that their participation in Rehab Week 2015, Valencia Spain, will kick off with an inaugural Ekso Clinical Science Organization (ECSO) meeting. This group will lay the groundwork for the clinical evidence roadmap necessary to become part of Standard of Care treatment. The Kessler Institute and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago will present their early findings on outcomes associated with use of the Ekso Bionics GT™ robotic exoskeleton at the International Neurorehabilitation Symposium (INRS).

The Ekso Clinical Science Organization will be attended by scientists and clinicians from leading research institutes around the world, with the first meeting taking place on Monday, June 8th, followed by a second meeting scheduled for early 2016 with an extended scientific network. Developed to define research objectives and initiate necessary studies, ECSO will help to drive broader adoption from rehabilitation centers and ensure Ekso GT robotic exoskeleton is available globally to patients who can benefit from it.

Rehab Week 2015 is a collaboration of three international conferences: The Conference on Recent Advances in Neurorehabilitation (ICRAN), the International Neurorehabilitation Symposium (INRS), and the International Conference of Virtual Rehabilitation (ICVR), promoting intensive, cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer at the Valencia Conference Centre, June 9-12. Ekso Bionics will be exhibiting for the duration of the conference at booths 13 and 14, with expert clinicians on hand to answer questions and to provide demonstrations of the Ekso GT exoskeleton with Smart Assist software, a patented program that provides adaptive, or smart, power and control algorithms for optimal gait.

On Wednesday, June 10th at 2:00pm CEST, two sessions will be presented as part of an Ekso Bionics panel on robotic exoskeletons at the International Neuro-Rehabilitation Symposium (INRS). The first, titled "Functional Training Using Ekso in Severe Stroke" presented by Dr. Arun Jayaraman, will explore the effects of exoskeleton-assisted walking for persons with severe stroke using the Ekso GT robotic exoskeleton. The second session, titled, "Gait Training of Stroke Patients using a Robotic Exoskeleton during Inpatient Rehabilitation" will be presented by Karen J. Nolan, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Human Performance and Engineering Research of The Kessler Foundation. Dr. Nolan will review the current objectives of her ongoing study and preliminary clinical (FIM, motor and cognitive) and biomechanical (EMG) results.

The Ekso GT is a ready-to-wear, battery-powered exoskeleton (a wearable robot) that is strapped over the user's clothing, enabling individuals to achieve mobility, strength, and/or endurance not otherwise possible, and is an effective in-clinic tool for people living with the consequences of stroke, spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions affecting gait.

Ekso Bionics designs, develops, and commercializes exoskeletons, or wearable robots, which have a variety of applications in the medical, military and industrial markets. Over 125 Ekso GT suits, the firm's clinical device, are available to patients in nearly 100 leading rehabilitation centers all over the world and has enabled those living with a variety of lower extremity weakness to take over 21 million steps not otherwise possible.

For more information about how the Ekso GT can enhance gait-training outcomes for neuro-rehabilitation patients, visit www.eksobionics.com.

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Since 2005, Ekso Bionics has been pioneering the field of robotic exoskeletons, or wearable robots, to augment human strength, endurance and mobility. The company's first commercially available product called Ekso has helped thousands of people living with paralysis take millions of steps not otherwise possible. By designing and creating some of the most forward-thinking and innovative solutions for people looking to augment human capabilities, Ekso Bionics is helping people rethink current physical limitations and achieve the remarkable.

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