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Note 4 - Human Motion and Control Acquisition

Note 4 - Human Motion and Control Acquisition
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2023
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4. Human Motion and Control Acquisition


On December 5, 2022, the Company acquired the HMC business from Parker, an Ohio corporation (the "HMC Acquisition"). The assets acquired from the business unit include intellectual property rights for devices which are FDA-cleared lower-limb powered exoskeletons that enable task-specific, overground gait training to patients with weakness or paralysis in their lower extremities. Products include Ekso Indego Personal, a light-weight exoskeleton for safe use in most home and community environments, and Ekso Indego Therapy, an adjustable exoskeleton for patients with spinal cord injury and stroke complementing Ekso’s product offering in outpatient facilities.


The assets purchased by the Company include intellectual property related to the aforementioned Ekso Indego devices and future products in the orthotics and prosthetics space, inventories related to the Ekso Indego product line, fixed assets configured for the manufacture of the Ekso Indego products, and Ekso Indego devices maintained for service and sales demonstrations. The Company did not acquire any cash in connection with the acquisition of the business unit.


As consideration for the assets acquired, the Company (i) paid the Parker $5,000 in cash and (ii) delivered to the Parker a $5,000 unsecured, subordinated zero percent interest promissory note (the “Promissory Note”). Under the terms of the Promissory Note, the Company shall pay the Parker sixteen (16) equal quarterly installments of $313, with the first payment being due and payable December 31, 2023, and the last payment being due and payable September 30, 2027. For additional information see Note 10. Notes Payable, Net in the notes to our consolidated financial statements included elsewhere in the Annual Report on Form 10-K.


The Company accounted for the acquisition as a business combination in accordance with ASC 805, Business Combinations, by applying the acquisition method, and accordingly, the purchase price of $9,055, as calculated in the table below, was allocated to the assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on their fair values at the acquisition date and finalized with no adjustments. In accordance with ASC 805, the acquirer had one year from the date of acquisition to recognize measurement period adjustments. The excess of the purchase price over the net assets acquired of $431 was recorded as goodwill. The goodwill recognized is attributed primarily to expected synergies of HMC with the Company. From the acquisition date and as of December 31, 2023, there were no changes in the recognized amounts of goodwill resulting from the acquisition.


The following table summarizes the fair values of the assets acquired, liabilities assumed and consideration given as of the acquisition date:



  $ 1,935  

Fixed assets


Intangible assets




Total assets

  $ 9,205  

Accrued royalties


Total liabilities

  $ 150  

Net assets acquired

  $ 9,055  

Cash delivered on date of close

  $ 5,000  

Fair value of promissory note


Total consideration

  $ 9,055  


The fair value of finished goods inventories acquired was estimated at retail selling price less estimated costs to sell and a reasonable profit allowance for the selling effort. The fair value of raw materials acquired was estimated using current prices from suppliers. The fair value of fixed assets was estimated using a cost approach, adjusting historical gross asset values for inflation, reduced for the remaining estimated economic life of the assets. The fair values of intangible assets were estimated using a relief from royalty method, the excess earnings method, and a distributor method, all income approaches, which required significant estimates from management regarding future sales expectations, long term operating margins, the weighted average cost of capital or other appropriate discount rates, and royalty rates. The fair value of the promissory note was estimated as the present value of scheduled principal payments discounted at the Company's estimated borrowing rate.


The Company recorded $5,240 to intangible assets as of the acquisition date and is amortizing the value of the developed technology, customer relationships and intellectual property over a weighted average estimated useful life of 8 years. Amortization expense related to the acquired definite lived intangible assets was $325 for the year ended December 31, 2023, and was included as a component of operating expenses and cost of revenue in the consolidated statement of operations and comprehensive loss. Of the $431 of goodwill, none is deductible for tax purposes.


Aggregate incremental revenues and net loss attributable to the acquired business included in the consolidated statement of operations for the year ended December 31, 2022 were $103 and $289 respectively. The table below presents the pro forma revenue and earnings of the combined business as though the combination were enacted January 1, 2022:



Year Ended December 31,







  $ 15,736  

Net loss

  $ (18,506 )


Such pro forma results are based on historical results of the Company, and the historical results of HMC as they occurred under the ownership of Parker Hannifin Corporation, and certain pro forma adjustments relating to interest for debt discount amortization, depreciation of fixed assets and amortization of certain intangible assets.